July 5, 2019

Welcome to this 1st week of July, 2019. I’m looking forward to the coming year and the new avenues of service we will discover and add to those we already have/maintain/.

Here are two items for your calendar for early July:

  1. Club members: there will be no Rotary meeting Friday, July 5th. If you do go to Maple Dale, have one of the staffers on duty that day sign and date the back of your business card to avoid Dr. Gilbert’s fine.
  2. Officers and Board members: Please join me for our first Board meeting at 7AM on Wednesday, July 10th at the Countrie Eatery. Their staff will have our meeting table set up in the front room and because they do not charge us for the meeting space or set up, I encourage you to order breakfast off the menu in appreciation for the services they provide.

For man, our Rotary meetings are an important mile post each week. I look forward to seeing my friends to catch up on social and business goings on during the meeting each week.

Interesting, instructive or thought provoking programs are a central part of our weekly meetings. We appreciate so much that Ceil Jones and Amy Newton have agreed to work together to discover, schedule and coordinate our weekly programs. But, we need your help to continue to find the quality programs we look forward to each week. Please keep your eyes and ears open to find program topics and presenters for our meetings and let either Ceil or Amy know about them.

Yours In Rotary Service,

Alex Vaughan president