Dover Colonial Rotary Club

Kent-Sussex Industries Representatives Address Dover Colonial Rotary Club

January 18, 2020

Mark S. Reeve, Relationship Manager for Kent-Sussex Industries (KSI), recently addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary Club concerning the diverse array of programs that his organization currently provides to assist the cognitive and developmentally disabled. Mr. Reeve was assisted in his presentation by Alicia Hollis, the KSI Community Relations liaison.

“Abilities + Opportunity = Success” was his opening remark. Mr. Reeve went on to explain that his organization’s mission is to provide person-centered support and assistance to people with cognitive and developmental disabilities in the pursuit of employment and meaningful participation in their communities.

Mr. Reeve proceeded to briefly outline the three program paths utilized by KSI in its effort to fulfill the goals and expectations of those it serves. The first path is that of pre-vocational training. It is a skill-building process designed to lead these individuals to paid employment experiences.

The second is that of life enrichment, the aim of which is to provide activities and opportunities that foster a sense of independence and community inclusion. Outings to cultural sites, classes, clubs, etc. are provided, along with volunteering opportunities. These undertakings provide the core skills needed to enable productive and meaningful interaction with the broader local community.

The third path consists of specialized adult day service programs that offer personalized plans for people of varying disabilities. Throughout his remarks, Mr. Reeve stressed how important community involvement and interactions are to those with cognitive and developmental disabilities, and that KSI’s primary objective is to provide support and assistive resources toward that end.

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