January 23rd, 2020

Welcome to 4th week of January, 2020.

My apologies for being tardy with this weeks Colonial News.

The Dover Running Festival is scheduled for June 10, 2020. Please put this date on your calendar and make your plans around serving that day. I’ll ask that everyone participate as they are able please.

Thanks to Mark Allen and Alicia Hollis for their program last week about the scope and type of services provided at Kent-Sussex Industries. The changes in how their services are delivered were an interesting note. They’ve extended an invitation for Colonial members to schedule a tour of their Milford operation.

This week’s program presented by Ryan Quackenbush – Heroes Self Defence Foundation. Ryan came to our attention through a mistake. He presented the HSDF program for another Rotary Club in the area, and posted a thank you note on Colonial Rotary’s Facebook page. So we reached out to him with some education and an invitation to come to Colonial Rotary Club.

Programs assistance please. Members need to take responsibility for at least one program date between now and June 30th. Please sign up now on the speaker list on the clipboard at the check in desk, or by emailing your date preference to Amy Dotson-Newton. Beginning February 15th, I will assign dates.

Thank you

Yours In Rotary Service,

Alex Vaughan, President