Dover Colonial Rotary Club

Bayhealth Representative Addresses Rotary Club

February 11, 2020

DOVER: Former Bayhealth Junior Board President, Lisa Grossman, recently addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary and provided the club members with some insight regarding what her organization does for our community.

The Bayhealth Junior Board was founded on November 6, 1947, by a group of 34 women who wanted to help the community in a meaningful and significant way. The current membership is well over 200 volunteers. It all began with these ladies making sandwiches for hospital visitors and eventually grew into the opening of a gift shop. In July 2008, the hospital assumed direct management of that shop, so the Junior Board found itself looking for new fundraising venues. That’s when the Junior Board began devising and sponsoring more creative fundraising solutions and events. One such function has become the annual Black Tie Gala, sponsored through a partnership between the Junior Board and Milford Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. Funds from this event have provided scholarships for students pursuing healthcare careers, as well as provided for the procurement of a variety of items for the new Cancer Center at Kent General Hospital.

The Junior Board also raises funds by holding several homemade item and bake sales during the year for employees and visitors. This has helped raise over $2.6 million, enabling the group to help provide things like furnishings in the welcome areas of the medical and radiation oncology departments, as well as a variety of equipment for the delivery room. The activities and initiatives of the Junior Board have also provided financial assistance with renovations to the Women’s Center, improvements to hospital grounds, remodeling of the hospital chapel, and the procurement of a significant number of wheelchairs and car seats for younger patients.

The Junior Board also helps provide funding for coloring books and crayons in the hospital’s pediatric department, as well as hand-knit caps for all newborns and cancer patients who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Additional information about The Bayhealth Junior Board is available at, as well as on their facebook page at