Dover Colonial Rotary Club

Heart Association Director Addresses Rotary

February 14, 2020

Karen Gritton, Development Director for the American Heart Association, recently addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary Club, providing an overview of her group’s main activities.

“Research and Development are key in preventing heart problems,” she told the group, and recently the Delaware branch provided $900,000 towards it at a researchers’ interview session held at the University of Delaware. Last year a total of $1.2 million went back into the community, not solely for research, but also some of the Heart Association’s other programs.

Ms. Gritton stressed the importance of early detection, and towards that end, on March 19th, a Southern Delaware Go Red for Women Luncheon will be held at Dover Downs Hotel. For an admission fee of $55, the ladies will get free screening, view a fashion show, and enjoy a wonderful meal.

Recently, the state legislature mandated that every graduating senior receive training in CPR. Unfortunately, there was no money appropriated for the needed equipment. This is where the Heart Association stepped in, and to date, some forty CPR training kits have been delivered to Delaware high schools. She noted that, interestingly enough, women are 30% less likely to be given CPR for some unknown reason.

The Association has also launched an anti-vaping campaign. While tobacco use among young people has gone down, the sad fact is that vaping had picked up the difference, and what one is getting through this habit, is a dose of pure nicotine equal to almost the same amount found in one pack of cigarettes.

Ms. Gritton ended her presentation by providing statistics regarding strokes, which is the #5 killer nationwide and #4 for this state. Most people–and especially women–are somewhat reluctant to call 911 because they don’t recognize the warning signs.

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