Dover Colonial Rotary Club

Public Safety Director Adresses Rotary Club

August 26, 2020

Chief Colin Faulkner, Kent County Director of Public Safety, recently addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary Club regarding the effects of Hurricane Isaias. His presentation centered upon community involvement in the face of this disaster.

Chief Faulkner praised everyone involved in assisting in times of emergency, especially the First Responder group, the Kent County Volunteer Fire Service, the Delaware State Police, the Delaware Department of Transportation, Team Rubicon, and DEVOAD (The Delaware Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster). “It was the case of people helping people,” he said, “After all, the number-one priority in such a situation always has to be life. The property takes a back seat to that.”

He shared several slides showing the effects of the tornado and the tropical force winds that descended upon Kent County from Milford to Sandtown to West Dover, remarking that the most severely hit areas were Moores Lake and West Dover. Chief Faulkner pointed out that the County did record one storm-related fatality, and noted that “Given the power of this storm, the potential for additional casualties was considerable.” Thirty-one homes have been designated as uninhabitable until repairs can be done. Many trees were downed, and the landscape has been affected significantly. There were also 127,000 electrical outages in Kent County, with an additional 30,000 in the service area of the Delaware Electric Cooperative.

Chief Faulkner also observed that it was fortunate that this storm hit us during the daytime because working people weren’t home and thus were not potentially in harm’s way. He ended his talk by noting that 2020 is expected to have a larger number of hurricanes than previous years.

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