October 3, 2019

Welcome to 1st week of October, 2019.

Thanks to Mark Pugh for the introduction to a prospective member and last week’s program presenter, Debbie McKeever, who gave us a good look at the life and times of the town of Leipsic ... oh and an invitation to the Oyster Festival next week.

Wear Pink this Friday in support of the Breast Cancer Coalitions GO PINK Day. You might want to be prepared to pay an extra dollar during fellowship if you aren’t.

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On with Rotary October activities this year. Service and education opportunities abound as you’ve undoubtedly seen in the Memo I emailed everyone earlier this week. Sign up on one of the lists during the meeting Friday or open the memo and you’ll find the links to RSVP electronically.

DHS Interact Club met Wednesday afternoon and Club president Brandon Cook, outlined the Interact year. We’ll get the full report on 10/11 when their board and advisor James Bailey present their Fall Rotary program.

Yours In Rotary Service,

Alex Vaughan, President

September 25, 2019

Welcome to 4rd week of September, 2019.

Congratulations and Thank You to Mike Petit d' Mange and Jean Dowding who have agreed to serve the Dover Colonial Rotary Club. Mike will join an elite group of 2-term presidents as he take the reins for his second term as president for the 2020-21 Rotary year. Bob Benton is also a 2-term Colonial Rotary president. Jean Dowding has agreed to become Dover Colonial's president for the 2021-22 term which means she will be the clubs Vice President.

Thank you Dr. Gilbert for inviting last week's program presenter, Melissa Jones, to speak about Wilm U's Learning Centers.

Colonial's Membership Chair, Mark Pugh has been a busy boy. He has asked me to announce the proposal of Charles "Chas" Barker as a new member of Dover Colonial Rotary. Chas Father owned and operated Barker Physical Therapy in the Dover area for many years. Barker PT was purchased by Pivot PT where "Chas" now serves as the General Manager.

Mark has also been busy putting together our Colonial Rotary member orientation and education program scheduled for October 16th from six to about eight PM. This program is designed to serve both new and seasoned members as we understand more about the culture of Rotary. Please register your intention to attend with Mark.

Mel and Lois have a wonderful social event planned for Sunday afternoon, October 13th at Harvest Ridge Winery. Please RSVP by filling in the sign-up sheet or contact Mel or Lois directly.

Put a tickler in your file to be sure to wear pink next Friday, October 4th to show your support of Breast Cancer Society's Go Pink Day. Lois has all the details.

The Biggs Museum's Director of Development, Gina Sacchetti reached out to me to ask for support for their family friendly Pumpkin Carving Halloween event at the State Fairgrounds coming up Oct. 18 & 19. Not your average gords either, they'll aver 150lbs. See the flyer on your tables for details.

Just a thought I'd like to share. Over 100 years ago, Paul Harris and the founders of Rotary formed the very first service organization. Since then, other benevolent organizations have formed and followed suit. But Rotary was the first.

I've been corresponding with a prospective club member recently who wanted to understand more deeply about Rotary and our culture of Service above Self.  The explanation I gave came from somewhere outside myself. I related the saying we've all heard, about how 20% of the people seem to do 80% of the work. I think that's true. But, I followed that with, "...Rotary is made up of those 20-percenters." I think that's true too. I'm proud to be one of the 20-percenters who do good works for our local and world community.

Yours In Rotary Service,

Alex Vaughan, President

September 19, 2019

Welcome to 3rd week of September, 2019.

Thank you to Colleen Davis and Stephanie Adams for the program last week updating Colonial Rotary on the DuPont Nemours facility being built next door to the BayHealth Medical Center in Milford.

This week's program presenter will be Melissa Jones who will speak about the Wilmington Universities Learning Center.

Dover Colonial Rotary's DHS Interact Liason, Ben Parrish, was with his family on what I'm sure has been a relaxing vacation this week. So I attended the first Dover High Interact meeting on Monday the 16th. The incoming Interact board members are a highly engaged group of young people this year. In order to accommodate their extracurricular activities, Interact meetings will be on Wednesday afternoons, every 2-weeks. So their next meeting will begin at 2:35PM on October 2nd in the advisors room at Dover High. The DHS Interact Board will present a program at the Oct. 11 meeting.

Mike Malkiewicz is working on getting Colonial Rotary and DHS Interact scheduled for our annual Salvation Bell Ringing. Early word is that we will probably serve Monday, 12/9 thru Friday 12/13 between 6 & 9PM. Signup Sheet coming soon.

Colonial Social committee has arranged for our first club gathering October 13th at Harvest Ridge Winery from 2 to 5PM. Colonial members will be asked to pay for their own wine tasting but the winery tour will be free of charge. There will be tables reserved for us and we can bring an appetizer to share. Sign-up sheet at the check in table now or email Mel or Alex to register your attendance. Need a head count by Thursday, 10/10.

Membership Chair, Mark Pugh will be hosting a Rotary membership event on Wednesday, October 16th from 6 to 8PM at Maple Dale Country Club. It'll be part new member orientation and part seasoned member refresher. Please RSVP your intention by 9/27 via email at . The number of attendees will determine the cost per person. New members eat for free, but you must RSVP.

Yours In Rotary Service,

Alex Vaughan, President

September 12, 2019

Welcome to 2nd week of September, 2019.

Thank you Emily Marshall for last weeks presentation about everything to do with ticks and Lyme Disease. I think I imagined things crawling on me for most of the week since then.

The first Colonial SOCIAL is scheduled for Sunday October 13, 2019 at Harvest Ridge Winery from 3 - 6ish in the afternoon. The whole family is welcome. We need a count, so please let Mel Warren know.

Thanks and kudos to Amy Newton for her exemplary work as the Colonial Rotary’s program coordinator. But, she needs your help. Please look in your circle of contacts and find someone who can present an interesting program to our members each week. The topic doesn’t need to be ripped from the headlines, but should be informative and entertaining. Look for a sign-up sheet at the check in desk soon.

We sometimes have to miss having breakfast with our Rotary friends. But when it’s necessary, we have almost 2 weeks to do a make-up. There’s a list of Kent County Rotary Clubs, the meeting locations, dates and times in the sidebar every week. But we also have the option to makeup electronically.

Go to your computer browser, type in which is the home page for the Rotary eClub One in Rotary district 5450. Check in and follow the directions to makeup a meeting you’ve missed. At the conclusion, you’ll be directed to email the completed attendance form to one of our club contacts: Club Sgt. at Arms, Ceil Jones or Club Secretary, John Daliani.

Yours In Rotary Service,

Alex Vaughan, President

September 5, 2019

Welcome to 1st week of September, 2019.

We hope everyone had a restful and safe Labor Day weekend. Looking forward to seeing all Friday morning at Maple Dale.

Looking forward to Emily Marshall’s program on Lyme Disease at our meeting this week.

We welcome new Colonial Rotary Member, Laura Simpson of the Kent County Habitat for Humanity, into our fellowship this week.

Please continue to hold Laura and her family in your prayers and good wishes as her mother died recently.

Dover Colonial Rotary Board of Directors meeting will be this coming Wednesday, 9/11 - 7AM at the Countrie Eatery.

Upcoming Rotary service opportunities:

  1. We seek a someone to step up to be Vice-President and President
  2. Elect.
  3. Super Senator Day is scheduled at Dover High on Saturday Oct. 12. Colonial Rotary and DHS Interact Clubs will co-host a display table that day. Need a coordinator from Colonial.
  4. We need someone to schedule and coordinate a road clean-up day with Del-DOT for this Fall.
  5. Keep our annual Dictionary Project on your mind. Even though we do not yet know the date, coordinator Jean Dowding will need the assistance of all our members and the DHS Interact Club when delivery day comes in either late October or early November.

Yours In Rotary Service,

Alex Vaughan, President

Nearby Rotary Clubs where Colonial Rotary Club members can make up meetings:

Wednesdays at 6:30PM
Wild Quail CC,
One Clubhouse Dr.,
Wyoming, DE 19934

Dover Capital City
Thursdays at 12:00PM
Maple Dale CC,
180 Maple Dale Circle,
Dover, DE 19901

Dover Downtown
Monday at 12:15PM
Fraziers Reataurant,
9 East Loockerman Street,
Dover, DE 19901

Thursday at 7:30AM
Bridge Way Family Restaurant,
5 East Glenwood Avenue,
Smyrna, DE 19977

Rotary eClub One