Friday July 19, 2024 7:30 amDover Christian Church Conference Room

Jim Rezac of the Delaware Guitar School You’re not gonna wanna miss this one kids! Jim has been a staple of the Central Delaware local music scene for decades. He’s also the owner and operator of the Delaware Guitar School, and helps kids, adults, and seniors learn the joy of playing guitar.

There may even be some live music, and if Jim’s not careful, some of the club members may try to get into the act! And as usual, there will be breakfast from U.S. 13 Grill.

Colonial Rotary Club Meeting Breakfast from U.S. 13 Grille.

If you’re not part of the club but would like to attend and find out a little bit more about what Rotary is all about, we’d to have you join us! Please Contact Us or email  and let us know!